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Jean-Michel Jarre - “Planet Jarre” 50 years of music

When the French composer, performer, songwriter, soundscaper and producer Jean-Michel Jarre launched his progressive landmark-debut “Oxygene” in 1976, he opened a new chapter in music history. The record has sold millions of copies until today and laid the foundation for the artist's exceptional career. His pioneering work gave birth to a veritable cult and the fastest-growing trend the music industry has ever stood to witness: the rise of electronic music. Jarre started staging gigantic, flamboyant live performances that broke one audience record after the other.

Meanwhile, his music always followed his conviction that progress can only ever be achieved if you dare to deviate from the norm. Born to famous film music composer Maurice Jarre, he became a student of the great musicologist Pierre Schaeffer and began drawing his own creative conclusions from his mentor's “musique concrète”. Boldly balancing between the spheric-abstract and the very direct melodic foundations of his music, Jean-Michel Jarre has always managed to evoke the poetry of encounter and connection: between analog and digital, between ecology and technology, between classical and futuristic.

Today, almost five decades after completely changing our perception of electronic music with his landmark-record “Oxygene”, he is as relevant as ever. Just last year, the “Godfather of Electronic Music” who has sold more than 80 million records throughout his career, was nominated for a Grammy for his bestselling album “Electronica 1: The Time Machine”. In April 2018, he embarked on a spectacular headliner tour at California's Coachella Festival that prompted Entertainment Today to write: “Jarre, no stranger to extravagant live productions, was right at home at Coachella. This Frenchman was doing EDM before they even named the genre.” Comments and critiques like these and the faithful loyalty of his fans underline the impressive greatness of JMJ. This man is a living legend.

With his upcoming best-of PLANET JARRE, the Godfather of Electronic Music celebrates his 50 years at the forefront of the genre with an extensive double album that will once more carburize his legacy in pop music history. PLANET JARRE comprises 41 works, hand-picked by Jarre himself and carefully selected from his extensive music catalogue. Naturally, in curating the oeuvre himself, JMJ refrained from simply aligning his hits like links on a chain, and instead decided to divide them into four different sections: “Going through the body of my existing work for this project, I realized that I have four quite different styles of composition”, Jarre explains. “There is this common idea that people are focusing on shorter and shorter moments of music by zapping constantly. This is not necessarily true. We are also spending more and more time in our day-to-day life listening to playlists. Wherever we are and whatever we do. This is the reason why I decided to divide this project into four different parts, four different worlds that make up my own world…my own planet. And I hope that you will enjoy the journey.”

While each of the four parts comprising PLANET JARRE is unmistakably and utterly typically Jarre, they all highlight a different creative focus of his work. The first part, adequately titled “Soundscapes”, fully lives up to its name. Jarre's natural sense for acoustic aestheticism and atmospheric composition has translated into nine soundscapes that clearly reference his background in classical music and his passion for motion picture scores. Long and familiar ambient tracks like “Oxygene 1”, “Equinoxe 2” and “Chronology 1” seamlessly follow newer pieces like the original title track of “Electronica - The Heart of Noise”. “The second part is linked to the idea that I always considered melody to be the most important part of music”, Jarre says about the second part of the album. “Sometimes I like to compose starting from a simple melody, to then build the track around it. I would call them ‘Themes’.” ‘Themes’ features indestructible, timeless melodies and song-like structures such as “Oxygene 2,” “Oxygene 4,” “Zoolookologie” and “Industrial Revolution Part 2” that will resonate with everyone familiar with his repertoire. Only that, just like all the other works on PLANET JARRE, they have been completely re-mastered to add a new and sparkling freshness to the sound of the package.

The nine tracks on part three are all based on the repetitive and hypnotic sequences that only electronic instruments can create. With early works like “Arpeggiator” and “Revolutions”, Jarre shaped the future of techno and EDM, paving the way for what is brought to almost organic completion in this third part called “Sequences”. The selection also features newer works like “Stardust”, co-composed by Jarre and techno/trance producer Armin van Buuren, and two recently composed and previously unreleased tracks called “Coachella Opening” and “Herbalizer”. “The fourth part is probably linked to my roots, when I started doing electro-acoustic music even before samplers. I was just using a microphone, a tape recorder and some scissors to create, edit and process sounds. I would call this part of the album “Explorations & Early Works”. The most intriguing feature of part four will probably be the previously unreleased demo recording of the mythical “Music For Supermarkets”, the only remaining testimony to the unique recording that was pressed on a solitary vinyl for auction. In an unparalleled display of criticism to the devaluation of music, comparing it to mass consumer goods on shelves rather than artistic creation, Jarre recorded and produced and entire album only to completely destroy the master tapes after the radio broadcast. For a long time, the only existing LP of the broadcast recording was considered the highest-trading vinyl copy on the planet. The track “Erosmachine” then takes us back to 1969 and the very early days of Jarre's creative period.

To top things off, the Vinyl Book and Ultimate Box Set both come with a download card to enter the world of Jean-Michel Jarre in 5.1. Always fascinated by the best possible sound and technology Jarre mastered some tracks in 5.1. for a unique listening experience.

As we can see, there is plenty to discover and rediscover on PLANET JARRE. What else would you expect from an artist who truly lives by his belief that true progress only ever comes through the courage to think outside the box. Driven by people who dare to constantly reinvent themselves. People like Jean-Michel Jarre.

Release Date: 14th September 2018

4 x 180g heavyweight Vinyl Book + 5.1. Download

Track list “Planet Jarre” 50 years of music


  1. Oxygene 1
  2. Oxygene 19
  3. Rendez-Vous 1
  4. Millions of Stars
  5. Chronology 1
  6. Oxygene 20
  7. Equinoxe 2
  8. Waiting for Cousteau
  9. The Heart of Noise (Origin)


  1. Industrial Revolution Part 2
  2. Oxygene 4
  3. Equinoxe 5
  4. Oxygene 2
  5. Zoolookologie
  6. Bells
  7. Equinoxe 4
  8. Magnetic Field 2
  9. Rendez-Vous 2 (Laser Harp)
  10. Rendez-Vous 4
  11. Chronology 4


  1. Coachella Opening
  2. Arpeggiator
  3. Automatic Part 1 with Vince Clarke
  4. Exit with Edward Snowden
  5. Equinoxe 7
  6. Oxygene 8
  7. Stardust with Armin van Buuren
  8. Herbalizer
  9. Revolutions

Explorations & Early Works:

  1. Ethnicolor
  2. Souvenir of China
  3. Blah Blah Café
  4. Music for Supermarkets (Demo Excerpt)
  5. Roseland / Le Pays de Rose
  6. La Cage
  7. Erosmachine
  8. Hypnose
  9. The Song of the Burnt Barns / La Chanson des Granges Brulees
  10. Happiness is a Sad Song
  11. Aor Bleu
  12. Last Rendez-Vous

5.1 Tracks:

  1. Circus
  2. Equinoxe 2
  3. Equinoxe 5
  4. Exit
  5. Oxygene 15
  6. Oxygene 17
  7. Oxygene 2
  8. Stardust
  9. Switched On Leon
  10. Openning
  11. Souvenir De Chine
  12. Zoolookologie